June 6, 2011

Works With Your Lips Harmonica App Receives Boring Minor Update

Toronto, Canada – June 6th, 2011 – Harmonica, the musical instrument app that works with your lips, received a minor update today. Consisting of tweaks and fixes, this update makes the innovative lip-based app almost indistinguishable from the previous version.

“This update will excite absolutely nobody,” said Benjamin McDowell, Harmonica’s creator. “Sure, it’s still funny when someone puts their iPhone in their mouth, but bug fixes? This update barely warrants a press release.”

The Harmonica app simulates a real diatonic harmonica. The iPhone’s touch screen can be triggered by the user’s lips, and the physical dimensions of the iPhone are similar to that of a real harmonica, further extending the illusion.

Harmonica is available as a universal iPhone/iPad app on the App Store for just US$0.99.

Product Demo

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