We don’t just talk.
We have skin in the game.

Six Years. 4.5 Million Downloads.

When it comes to the App Store, we’re not just talk. We’ve been building and publishing our own apps since the beginning. In fact, that’s how our company started.

Throughout that time, our apps have been recognized by Apple. They’ve featured us in Staff Favorites, New and Noteworthy, What’s Hot, and even their annual best-apps-of-the-year 2008 iTunes Rewind feature. Our apps have consistently ranked in the Top Paid Travel Apps for six years running.

As much as we care for Apple, we like our users even more. And based on their reviews, they like us too. Many of our apps have a 4.5 (out of 5) rating on the store. It’s the best feedback we could hope for.

Our Experience Is Your Experience

How long should an app last? For us, the answer is six years and counting.

We have apps on the store today that were originally built for the iPhone 3G running iOS 2.0. These apps are now iPhone and iPad compatible, and built using the latest iOS 8 release. That’s a lot of hard-won lessons we’ve learned, and they’re lessons we pass on to you.

We are laser focused on this industry. We have to be. We do it for our clients, we do it for ourselves, and we do it for our millions of users worldwide.

Our Apps

What’s That?

Officially launched in 2015 and built using the latest iOS technologies, What’s That? is both a technical and artistic showcase. It features advanced UIKit Dynamics, a fluid, physics-based user interface, and some of the cleanest design work you’ll see in an app.

What’s That? Product Page


Originally released in 2008, SpeakEasy is our most successful product to date, with over two million users worldwide.

The SpeakEasy series comprises many individual apps, for which we developed custom technology to help us manage. The product has been through many operating system and device changes, including the introduction of retina screens, the iPad, and the new form factors of the iPhone 5, 6, and 6 Plus.

SpeakEasy Product Page


Designed specifically for young children, Playwords features a fully-custom user interface, cheerful sound effects, and beautiful, hand-drawn artwork. It was featured by Apple and became one of the Top 10 Paid Education Apps in over 20 countries.

Playwords Product Page

Spotlight Drums

First released in 2009, and receiving a major update in 2013, Spotlight Drums features a custom OpenGL interface, smooth, physics-based 3D animation, real-time 3D lighting, and OpenAL-based spatial sound effects. It was a worldwide hit, and has been downloaded over two million times.

Spotlight Drums Product Page


The app that started it all in 2008. Harmonica takes user interface innovation to an entirely new level, featuring a unique lip-based user interface. That’s right – Harmonica actually works with your mouth, turning your mobile device into a great sounding live instrument.

Harmonica was widely featured by Apple, including appearances in Staff Favorites, What’s Hot, New and Noteworthy, and the end of year iTunes Rewind best-of list. Harmonica was also featured in USA Today.

Harmonica Product Page