Focus on your business.
Leave the app to us.

Meet Ben.

He sees that look in your eye. He knows you have a great app idea. But you’re not quite sure where to start.

Should you hire a programmer? Do you need a designer? How does your app get onto the store and into your customer’s hands? What happens after that?

Ben can help. We can help.

We specialize in taking ideas and bringing them to life. We’re with you at every step, from strategy and design, through development, to publishing on the app store.

Benjamin McDowell
Head of Development

How do we do this?

We’ve been building apps since the app store opened. And we’re very good at it. Apple regularly highlights our apps on their store – it’s the ultimate compliment.

Actually, it isn’t.

The ultimate compliment is the feedback we get from our customers. You can read their reviews yourself.

By building our own apps, we’ve learned a lot of hard won lessons. We know the app store intimately. We have to. Everything we’ve learned, and every insight we’ve gained, we use to deliver a superior service to our clients.

How we can help.

If you need guidance validating your idea, we can show you how. If you need assistance speccing out your requirements, we can help. If it’s programming you need, we’re ready and waiting.

And if you want someone who can help you at every step of the way – that’s us.

Programming. Design. Market Research. Business Requirements. Competitor Analysis. Quality Assurance.

These are big words that people use to sound smart. We do all those things – and more. But the words aren’t important. What’s important is: we’ll take your idea and build it into a real product for you, leaving you to focus on your business.

Not only that, but we’ll do so while respecting your deadlines, and your budget. Because we’ve done this many times before, you can rest assured that your business priorities are safe with us.

We should talk.

We’re not nerds in hoodies and turtlenecks. We speak plain English and treat you with respect.

Whether your app is only an idea, or you’ve already started building it and need help, we’re there for you. Drop us a line and see if we can help.

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