Who exactly is Pocketglow?
We are.

About Us

Pocketglow is a digital agency based in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in mobile app development and quality assurance.

We’ve been making apps for a long time. SpeakEasy, our language education app series, has over two million downloads and has remained one of the top paid travel apps since 2008. Our children’s education app, Playwords, was one of the top ten paid education apps in over twenty countries.

Another two million people have our app Spotlight Drums. And let’s not forget the app that started it all – Harmonica. One of the App Store’s early hits, Harmonica was promoted by Apple multiple times, including a prestigious placement in their “2008 iTunes Rewind” best-of list.

But we’re not just about building apps.

We have years of experience in quality assurance. In fact, quality is the driver behind everything we do. And not just software quality – quality of customer service, quality of communication, and quality of professionalism are equally important to us.

We care deeply about providing quality products and services to our clients, and our customers.


Benjamin McDowell

Ben loves to analyze ideas and build them into real products and businesses.

His career has been devoted to building software. With experience working on both sides of the fence – both as a business analyst, and as a software engineer – Ben has the rare ability to drive a product’s creation from idea, through design and development, to submission.

Ben has been creating apps since the App Store first opened in 2008. He’s seen it all. If you’re building an app, his years of experience will prove invaluable.

Benjamin McDowell

Olga McDowell

Olga has dedicated her career to Quality Assurance. It shows. She relishes the thrill of finding software flaws – especially those flaws that developers swear can’t exist. Whether native apps or web, hardware or software, Olga ensures her client’s products are up to the highest quality standards.

Her decade of experience includes large companies and startups, public and private sectors, and a wide variety of products.

She’s exactly the type of person you want leading your quality assurance efforts.

Olga McDowell

Contact Us

To learn more about Pocketglow, our apps, or how we can help your business, send us an email. We’re friendly and respond quickly.

Email us at hello@pocketglow.com.